Shut up and Drive



"Alright kid, just don’t start doing any crazy manuvours that you normally wouldn’t be able to do in any car, okay? I don’t want to flip over and hurt myself along the process. You’ll be fine for the most part, but I’m not in the mood to get beat up." He let Jack take control over him and just cruised on by in the streets now.

Hearing his requests on being quiet or else someone would have him on lock down for some time, he was at no choice but to agree to tone it down just this once. “Okay fine, I’ll keep it quiet just this once. I don’t want any delays on what we have to do for the next day.” He took careful attention to the new details he was able to take in now since he was not driving, and made sure to try to remember how to leave the area or come back if needed.

Nodding in agreement, Jack gripped the wheel with both hands and put a foot to the pedals. ❝Yeah, I’ll try to keep the, ah, Fast and Furious stunts to a minimum,❞ he replied. ‘Minimum’ meaning he didn’t plan on trying any stunts at all. A car accident at this hour was not something he needed—or at any hour.

     ❝Thank you.❞ The sudden lack of obnoxious revving came as a relief to the young man. He visibly relaxed in the seat, shoulders loosening up, and huffed a sigh. 

The journey to Jack’s place of residence wasn’t long; he’d only been about three miles away on his walk, so the trip took less than five minutes. It wasn’t a particularly intricate route either—only a few turns, most of which were at the end. He handled Rodimus well and with care, well aware that he was driving a living being. Once they’d reached his house, he eased onto the brakes and released the wheel. Seatbelt unbuckled, he popped open the door and stepped out once again into the cool night air.

     ❝Here we are,❞ the teen said, eyes on the fiery hood. ❝If you’d like, you can park it across the street and I’ll meet you in the morning, or we could go with the original plan and I’ll meet you at the warehouse. Doesn’t matter to me—y’know, as long as you’re not revving and honking.❞

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High School Never Ends
Bowling For Soup
The Great Burrito Extortion Case
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High School Never Ends || Bowling for Soup

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The helicopter laughed on the other side of the line for a moment. || In trouble? Me? Nah! || Suddenly there is more gunfire, it’s pretty onesided though as he was the only one firing but this time no screaming was heard. His voice was calm and confident. || I got this under control. ||

Suddenly there is a loud explosion behind him. || OK that wasn’t me. ||

     ||…right.|| Judging by the flatness in his voice, it could be assumed that Jack didn’t quite believe the other. Explosions that weren’t planned usually meant things weren’t entirely under control. ||Sounds like it.|| Note the irony.

     ||Well,|| hands behind his head, feet propped up on the console, the young man leaned back further and closed his eyes, ||turns out, I am near you. If things go awry and you need a getaway, shoot me a comm.. Otherwise, I’m going back to sleep.||

Rather Be
Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne
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Clean Bandit Ft. Jess Glynne | Rather Be

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Ellie Goulding
Bright Lights
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human // ellie goulding

i would give my life to be human

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He tapped his pede against the ground as he looked around, he needed to get out of where he was eventually, there was trouble coming. || An Autobot sympathizer eh? Well at least you picked the right side, if I can say that. Name’s Whirl. || A scream is heard in the distance before a gunshot is heard, obviously the shot came from him

He comments to himself, though the other can obviously hear him, || Oh that’s gonna leave a mark. ||

Unfazed by the sound of gunfire, Jack simply leaned back in his seat and stared boredly at the console. 

     ||Sounds like you’re having fun with whatever you’re doing,|| he commented. A few taps of a button pulled up more information on the mech’s frequency; he was looking for a location. ||Well, Whirl, you wouldn’t happen to be in any trouble, would’ja? If I’m nearby—working on that information now—I’ll offer you a lift.||




|| Damn right there’s a good reason, I’m calling. || The ex-Wrecker tapped his claw against his helm for a moment before starting to talk again, realizing that this wasn’t the Lost Light. || Wait. Who is this? You don’t sound familiar. ||

The fact that his caller didn’t know who he was calling suggested that there, in fact, wasn’t a reason for calling—not him, at least. The man stretched, loosening his sleep-stiff muscles, and slid out of his hammock. Tiredly he meandered over to the comm. console and pressed a few buttons, boosting the signal.

Nope. He didn’t know the voice, nor did he recognize the signal—not entirely. There was a piece of it that revealed it was someone aboard the Lost Light

     ||Nor do you,|| he replied, speaking in his modified (therefore heavily-accented) Neocybex. ||Jack Darby. Human and Autobot sympathizer. And you are…?||

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“You’re spacing out on me again....”




"Huh?" Black Shadow shakes his helm, " ‘am not."

     See that look? That’s is disbelieving look—his ‘I don’t believe you’ look. “Uh hunh. What’d I just say?”

"Uhhhhh," A frown, "I may not have heard you…completely.”

     Figures. “Wasn’t important anyways.” An ‘it’s no big deal’ shrug—even though it kinda was important, what he said. “You feelin’ alright? You’re spacing out more that usual.”

When Jack goes off on his own in his space adventures, his ship is gonna be kinda like Star Lord’s Milano

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     ❝You’ve reached Jack Darby,❞ came the answer to the comm. request, spoken in organic-modified Neocybex. ❝Something ya need?❞