"we are all that’s left" (updated version of old post x)

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Shut up and Drive



"Actually, it does have something to do with their mission. I did mine back a while ago and decided it was time to do something different in helping out for the cause. I’m in search for the Knights of Cybertron and decided to look around here on Earth for any clue. I heard that both our planets are highly linked and I might be able to find something useful."

He looked around once more, but from all that he has driven and explored it did not seem like anything of what he was specifically searching for was anywhere within the vicinity. He turned his attention back towards the young man and asked, “Do you know anything about them?”

     Eyes rolled up in thought, the teen pulled his lips into a sideways frown. “I remember the bots mentioning them every so often, but it was mostly in reference to a joke. I figured they were a part of Cybertronian folklore.” Eyes back on the red mech, he quirked a brow. “Are you saying they’re real?

     ”I mean—I’d be happy to, uh, look around and help you out. And I know a guy that’s pretty good at finding extra-terrestrial things on the internet. He helped the Autobots find a lot of artifacts back while they were still here.”

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Or else what?



     You’re a smart girl. I’m sure you remember what happened the last time you threatened my family. 

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Oh show me your love
     [ үσυя ℓσvε ]

     Your love
          үσυя ℓσvε]

                        Gimme more but it’s not enough
[ үσυя ℓσvε ]

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So, since you are a big boy now, have any pretty ladies you fancy that I could kill?


It is a shame things between you and Arcee didn’t work out.


No. Stay away.

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haiku-bot replied to your post:     [bolTS UPRIGHT]      Shit. I’m eighteen now.



     Feel no different. 

     What does an adult do?



No reason.


[don’t mind him. he’s just gonna
     [back away now]

     I can get married.

     I’M AN ADULT.

     I’m an adult.

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