Name's Jackson Darby, but 'Jack' will do just fine. The war's over--been over for a good minute now--and, due to some... past events, I've decided to join Black Shadow on his travels. Guess I can't really stay away from the 'science fiction club.' Heh. We'll see how this goes.

//Independent RP blog for Jack Darby of Transformers Prime. Pretty AU now.

NOTE: Jack is NOT on Earth. Most interactions will be via comm. links.

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2nd M!A: None; accepting

Status: Temporarily mute
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Here We Go

Holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck something’s wrong with this equation it’s not working why isn’t it working why isn’T IT WORKING??!



«And proud of it~» Miko would do the swooshing thing to, if she had hair and not a completely rigid metal helm. If she knew about Jack’s swooping skills, she’d be jealous. 

«You speak Neocybex? I didn’t even know organics could pronounce that! This is so cool!» 

She’s a bit less thrilled when Jack starts flipping out- ughJust like Jackpot. «’M not dead , dude- why’re you getting all freaked out about it? Anyway, if you really have to know why, apparently attempting to bludgeon a superior officer to death with a statue of Solus Prime is frowned upon by most ‘bots. Apparently.»

::Yeah, though it’s rather… difficult.:: He said, struggling around the coincidental difficulty of the pronunciation of the Neocybex word for ‘difficulty.’ ::Obviously I can’t pronounce everything, since humans are incapable of forming many of the sounds, so I have to compensate by slightly altering some of them. Sorry if the accent’s difficult to understand.::

::…I honestly am not surprised.:: That was just so—so Miko it almost hurt. ::Incredible. Incredible.yes, bludgeoning a superior officer with a figure of one of the Primes is usually seen as misconduct.::

scatteredtothewinds asked:
:: Jack? That you?::

Eyes drawn to and strained by the sudden light from his datapad, Jack lazily ambled over and inspected its reason for illuminating. 

A comm. Was it Overlord again? Or maybe Black Shadow—


Almost toppling over in his sudden burst of excitement, the teen quickly typed and sent a response.

::Arcee? Arcee! Yeah, it’s Jack!::




::As I said before, I will be coming over shortly. See you in a bit.::

Seeing no need to continue the conversation, Jack only sent an acknowledging ping back. 

See you in a bit.



:: Yes, he instructed me to keep on an eye on you, so you should expect frequent visits from me. Why? Is there any reason why you don’t want me to be there? Anyway, I will be bridging to the ship soon, I also want to make sure the vessel does not require any maintenance.:: 

It might be safer for Jack to stay aboard his own ship. Although, he wasn’t sure the teen would agree to such a thing.

::I do not know how long it will be before he returns.::

 ::Do you require anything before I bridge over there?::

::Not necessarily. It was more out of curiosity that I asked than anything else. You won't see or hear from me much at all though.::

Not unless the Phase-Sixer actually came into his room. And even still, he wouldn’t hear from him due to his indefinite mutism unless Jack was sleeping. For the past week his only vocalizations had been a few stray yells and whines in his sleep from dreams. 

::No, thank you, I don't need anything.::



::I suppose I can start by saying that his injuries were caused by my own negligence. The wounds he sustained were severe, but as you can see, he has recovered quite well.::

::As of right now, he has told me to look out for you while he is away on assignment, it might be a while before he returns.::

Overlord sighed. Black Shadow requested Jack not know of his condition, wanting to surprise the human with the new addition. 

::I see.::

It was perhaps a good thing that Overlord could neither see nor hear him currently, because Jack was glaring rather disapprovingly at the frequency. 

::Yes, well it's good that he's recovered.

::'Look out' for me? What does that entail? You're not coming over, are you?
::...Do you have an idea of how long Black Shadow will be away?::

It wasn’t that he necessarily had a problem with Overlord coming over, assuming that he was at all, but he doubted the mech was as… accustomed to dealing with Jack’s… issues—especially right now. Though it probably wouldn’t matter. Jack had no intentions of coming out of his room unless he absolutely needed to.



Alright fine. Text it is. 

Overlord furrowed his brow ridge, not sure why Jack would only speak to him through text messaging when it would have been a bit more appropriate to communicate verbally.

:: Nevermind. How much do you know about Black Shadow’s situation? You know that he was injured, yes?::

Jack bit the inside of his cheek. He’d been vaguely aware of the fact that something had happened to Black Shadow during his… captivity. 

::I noticed his injuries last I saw him, yes, but I failed to ask how he'd gotten them. They looked rather serious. I suppose they'd have to be.
::Admittedly, I know very little about his situation. Has something happened?::

He got the feeling he might need to be concerned. 


Overlord thought it best to communicate this via comm-link. Black Shadow’s whereabouts and overall health will take a bit of explaining. ::”Jack, Black Shadow asked me to check up on you. He’s alright, but his current status is a”

He’d figured this ‘checkup’ was a favor for Black Shadow. Had he had the motivation, he might have physically shrugged. 

Instead of responding back over the comm. link, Jack instead sent another typed message, eyes squinting and strained as they endured the bright light of the screen before him. 

 ::Your efforts are appreciated. 
::Query as to what 'er' means?::

ask-overlord-phasesixer asked:
Have a /ping/ from Overlord. He just wants to make sure Jack is alive and maybe pay a visit to Black Shadow's ship just in case the human is in need of supplies.

Alive indeed, if you could call it that. Jack typed a /ping/ back confirming his ‘liveliness,’ and a simple inquiry regarding Black Shadow’s health and whereabouts. He’s been out of the loop, and doesn’t particularly know what has happened of the past… at least a week.