“‘Maybe’? Okay then…. How can I maybe help you?” 



"Jack. Simple enough to recall."

[ He couldn’t help but grin with relief…]

"I certainly they don’t take me as a threat. I mean no harm to anyone whatsoever. I’m just hiding out here until I get further orders from Megatron…"

     Normally, such a sentence would raise some alarm, and initially it did, but Jack quickly reminded himself that this was a bot from a different universe. Megatron was good.
     That was not a thought he’d ever have foreseen himself thinking.

     ”Right. Uh…. Not the best of hiding spots if I unintentionally stumbled upon you. And there are people walking around nearby….” Which meant that it was a bit too late to get the mech to move elsewhere. “Er… I’ll bar off the area—keep the public away.”


                               ωσя∂ѕ can be
                                    like knives;
                               they can CUT
                                    you σρєη.

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nakawikot inquired:

A small smile crossed her mouth plates. "Hello, Jack."




     ”A-Arcee? Arcee! Hey!”


The irony and sarcasm in his voice was something she didn’t realize she would miss so much. “What kind of trouble has found you?” It felt like story time was upon them as she stilled at his question. “Yes, but it’s slow going.” She was telling the truth, but slow was an understatement of the vorn.

     ”Well, for starters, Texans are a lot more ‘hot-headed’ than Nevadians are, and are much, much easier to unintentionally provoke.” He chuckled dryly. “I’ve nearly gotten into fights just by accidentally bumping into people. But, other than future plans, that’s really the majority of the trouble I have to deal with.”

     ”Hm. I can imagine. It’s a big planet, ‘n reconstruction on that scale…. Yeah. But at least it’s underway. And the other bots?”

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     The people in Nevada were a lot friendlier….



Being called a cheater made Crosshairs smile, ironically enough. It appeared he misheard what Jack was implying about but he didn’t let it bug him– wouldn’t be the first time. Compared to the other Autobots he did have a more noticeable accent; at least, in his opinion. ::I liked the way it makes words roll off my glossa.:: 

He chuckled. ::Yeah mate, y’got the name right. Nice to hear about another human who isn’t tryin’ to capture me an’ use my metal for transformium.:: Even though post the events in China lead Crosshairs to believe that using transfomium would be put on end, he still didn’t trust Joshua– or any other scientist– to uphold their end. Humans did like their money… ::Curiosity’ere now, how many Autobots ya bummin’ around with?::

     ”Woah.” The teen arched a brow, slightly caught off-guard by the idea (apparently it wasn’t just an idea) that people would hunt down Cybertronians for their metal. That was rather… barbaric. That also meant that Crosshairs was from a different place, because such savagery sure as hell wasn’t happening here. “That’s… not cool.” A grave and intentional understatement that was. 

     ”Currently? None. All the ‘Bots left months ago. They’d just restored life to Cybertron, and went back to rebuild. But while they were here, there were eight. Would’ve been nine, but, uh, one passed right before we came into the picture.” He paused; something told him that he was forgetting someone…—-

     ”Oh! And there was a ‘Con that switched over to the ‘winning team’ shortly before they all left.”





     ”I mean—it’s not a big deal though. I know you can’t help it.”

phase6blackshadow said: "Several? Once or twice maybe but not…several." Had it been several occasions really? He couldn’t remember.


Anonymous inquired:

He's fallen asleep while you were talking with him? lol


     ”On several occasions. Much to my irritation.”

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Have you ever noticed that black shadow sleeps a lot? like a lot a lot? is he all right or?


     ”I’m aware of his sleeping habits, yes. Everyone in this asteroid belt is, to be honest. It doesn’t concern me at all. You’ve gotta remember, he’s a very high-powered being—it takes a lot of energy to keep him going. Seriously, have you ever seen him refuel? It’s almost terrifying, how much energon he needs. But the frequent napping is a way to try and conserve some of that energy—save it for when he might need it.

     ”And he’s narcoleptic, so there’s that. It’s really irritating when he falls asleep while I’m talking to him.

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