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This King is going on an adventure up Mt. Fuji. PEACE



"I think I can manage." With a destination in sight to lose the angry Texan following recklessly behind him, Crosshairs kicked his driving up a notch. A car peeked out from the stopped line of cars which had the paratrooper taking an abrupt left down a construction site access road. "Hang on to yer lunch mate."

Not being designed to travel over unpaved roadway, the Corvette’s shocks couldn’t absorb all the bumps  and uneven dips along the path. Yet what he lacked in heavy duty vehicular workings, he more than made up for it by speed and agility as he sped onwards and dodged whatever debris lay in his way.

The section he’d driven into had a mess of half built walls– where large metal rods jutted out from the top and sides of nearly built pillars– and mounds of concrete rubble. Being the smaller form, it would be easier for him to maneuver around the inner workings of one of those buildings– or so he assumed.

Another sharp turn was made, causing his wheels to skid on the now smooth pavement, into the half built structure– the hood of the green Corvette plowed through a translucent plastic tarp that draped over his entry point.

     Luckily for Jack, he had a strong stomach. It could take being thrown around without a problem. His head, however, was a bit more sensitive. The teen scrabbled for something to support himself, but still fell victim to his momentum on the particularly sharp turns. At one point, he hit his brow on the window—not very hard, but hard enough to leave a nice, red mark. Teeth gritted, he held back a groan. 

     He was going to have some crazy whiplash by the end of this. 

     In lieu of getting overly anxious about being chased by a potentially dangerous man through a potentially dangerous work site in a potentially dangerous vehicle, Jack steadied himself enough to get a somewhat clear look at his surroundings. Of course, once the plastic was on, it obscured all visuals through the windshield. But that was fine—Jack had seen enough prior to to have an idea of what the site looked like. 

     ”I think this is a parking garage,” he said, “or it’s going to be!” That tarp was getting annoying, and it wasn’t helping ease his concern. With a growl, the teen rolled down the window and leaned out so he could grab and pull at the stuff. The first tug did nothing, the second one dislodged it slightly, and the third was interrupted when a pillar zoomed by a little too close for Jack’s comfort. Nothing but profanities rushed through his mind until he was able to yank the plastic off and toss it aside. 

     ”Is he still following?”

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So, this nerd exists now.
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     ”It’s not—-


     ”It’s not usually this messy….”


honoraryprime approaching

—> “Why are all of you fleshies so



[—Of course

   that would be his reaction to coming into contact with a human being.

     Oh that disgustingdisgusting nickname.
          So degrading….

     ”Why are you drones so large?”



"That’s fine with me, I’m too pissed to play nice at a historical site anyways." Sensors up to their max, Crosshairs’ engine revved hard with disgruntlement. The man in the pick-up clearly had no idea just who, or more precisely what he was messing with. The flashy green Corvette was not your typical human design. 

The way he was driving constituted as reckless but at the moment, obeying traffic laws and heeding the flow of cars and pedestrians was not at the forefront of his mind. The grill on the bulky Ford continuously bore closer and closer, leaving a small gap before Crosshairs skirted around another car, heading towards an exit. Losing the truck was going to be trickier than he assumed: it followed at a surprisingly agile speed for a vehicle of its caliber.

"I could just shoot'im an' the only escalation'd be with with'is bloody car insurance.” Red taillights in front of him didn't cause him any panic as he carved his own path along the uncomfortably narrow stretch of road alongside the stopped vehicles.

     This was already escalating far too much for Jack’s comfort. His focus split between the road ahead and the hostile behind—and on how to keep the Corvette from snapping. He shifted in the seat, a little apprehensive about driving along the shoulder, especially at the speed they were going; but he wasn’t in control of the wheel. Surely Crosshairs knew what he was doing and was aware of his own parameters. 

     ”Nn—no, let’s not do that. We can be the bigger people here—figuratively speaking. No need to get weaponry involved.” Assuming the Texan would follow suit and not pull out a gun from somewhere. It would be monumentally bad if he tried to pick a gunfight with a Cybertronian—bad both for him and Crosshairs. 

     Thoughts like these were the only things preventing the teen from flicking some obscene gestures in the man’s direction; God knows he wanted to. 

     Up ahead, Jack spotted the source of the traffic back up: construction. There was a lot of new building going on in this part of town—half-built malls, skyscrapers, overpasses, etc. That gave him an idea.

     ”You could probably lose him in one of the construction sites,” he said, pointing towards said sites.  ”Think you could get through?”

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Cade waves off the offer, flipping the hood of his old junker up with minimal difficulty. “Wait till I actually do something before you pay me, Jack.” He’s got jumper cables in the bed of his truck, an item that he’s found handy more often than not. “Don’t worry about cash right now. Let’s worry about getting your car started, first.”

     He nods hesitantly, a grateful expression on his face. “Ah—o-okay then… later. I’ll pay you back later.” Rounding to his own problematic vehicle, he pops the hood and scans over the engine briefly. “I think it might be my alternator that’s giving me trouble,” he says, “but I’m not sure.” He just steps back to let Cade work and sits down in the cab, ready to try the engine when directed.

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Shut up and Drive



"Ah good you’re awake! I- oh…" He was supposed to remain a secret. Well now that that is out and over with he vented out at what he was going to have to explain to the human. If he even needed to, which he probably would not as to not upset the ‘balance’ of secrecy among the aliens that roamed freely on this specific planet.

"So uhm… You okay?"


He did not want to seem hostile towards him as that was not his intentions, especially after having almost killed him. Kneeling down in front of the human, it would be better to not seem as imposing as a giant robot alien could be.

     Jack spun around to face the mech, one hand to his cheek where he’d hit the ground. It hurt, and already it was starting to bruise, but it was nothing he couldn’t handle. Nothing that would tip him into the ‘not okay’ category. 
     ”Yeah—yeah, I’m fine.”his hand shifted from his face to the back of his neck. Despite the mech’s attempts to appear non-threatening, Jack still felt the urge to step back. But he refrained. “You just, y’know, startled me a little. Not every day you almost get hit by a speeding car that turns out to be an Autobot. Guess I, uh, passed out.” 

     The fact that he’d used the word ‘Autobot’ meant that he already knew what the mech was—knew of his species’ existence. It could possibly mean that he’d also had contact with Cybertronians in the past—which he had. 

     ”No need to explain anything. Already know the drill—I never saw you. You don’t exist—not on this planet. Secret’s safe.

     ”But that does bring up the question: what are you doing here? The Autobots all left a while ago.”

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                                  OF { PROMISE... }

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Unbothered by the sudden blaring of his horn as he passed the truck, Crosshairs sped up and reclaimed a spot in front of the Ford. The green Corvette’s engine rumbled with growing irritation. He was well aware that humans were not the best of drivers– as having born witness to a slew of accidents– but their obliviousness to those around them took the cake. Either talking on their phones or chatting with their passenger, they weren’t fully invested on the road.

It appeared that the paratrooper had something– or rather, someone– else to focus his anger on. “Ya said it mate.”

The man driving the Ford, however, seemed to have other ideas running through his mind after being honked at by the car he had so rudely cut off. The way the larger vehicle quickly crept right on up to the green speedsters rear bumper had Crosshairs’ accented tone taking on a growled edge, “That bloody a-hole is tailgaitin’…”

If only they weren’t around other humans, Crosshairs would have enjoyed popping that car full of holes to teach him a lesson.

     Looking up at the rearview mirror, Jack’s expression soured further. “Really? Is he really gonna—-” Apparently so. Jack threw up his hands, palms up, and gave the Ford driver a ‘what the hell’ look. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to do much. All  he got was a glare and a rev in return. 

     ”Damn Texans I swear. We might not be able to do that tour after all.” He glanced back through the back window quickly, careful not to stare too long in order to maintain their cover—not that they weren’t already obvious. Crosshairs was an expensive, custom-painted sports car, and they were clearly being harassed. Eyes back on the road, the teen scanned for an escape route. He wanted to get out of here before the Ford did anything rash—moreso than he was already doing.

     ”I’d recommend shaking this guy before this escalates. Road rage is infamous among this breed, and occasionally has a tendency to get volatile. Take the next exit.”

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