Name's Jackson Darby, but 'Jack' will do just fine. The war's over--been over for a good minute now--and, due to some... past events, I've decided to join Black Shadow on his travels. Guess I can't really stay away from the 'science fiction club.' Heh. We'll see how this goes.

//Independent RP blog for Jack Darby of Transformers Prime. Pretty AU now.

NOTE: Jack is NOT on Earth. Most interactions will be via comm. links.

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Here We Go
phase6blackshadow asked:
[ Black Shadow had been waiting for the right time - waited for it to not be too soon after the auction incident - before he sent Jack a file to his datapad. A certain file containing the code for his kill switch. It detailed how to use it, when to use it, and what it would do. In his message he told Jack to memorize the code and then to delete it - and especially never tell it to anyone.]

Jack couldn’t tell how long it had been since his incident with the Czekkalians—the reptilian creatures that had kidnapped him. Hours, days, weeks, he didn’t know—though he was pretty sure it hadn’t been weeks. Since then, however, he’d been completely silent, and, for the most part, remained in the dark. 

One could say that the teen was taking this pretty badly. 

The sudden light from a notification on his datapad startled Jack, nearly making him fall out of his hammock. He looked over to the light source, squinting, eyes watering at the brightness. With a heavy sigh, he hauled himself over to the offending item and investigated the reason for the interruption in his depression. A message. He almost disregarded it, but curiosity at the title made him think twice. 


No. No. He—he didn’t want this! It was Black Shadow’s—no! Nodammit! Hissing in frustration, Jack swiftly deleted the message and kicked the pad away, skittering back from it. He wanted to forget that he’d ever seen it, wanted to believe he’d never received it, but it was already much too late for that. He had seen it and read its contents. It was sealed in his memory. Curling in on himself, the teen buried his face in his knees. He wanted to forget. 

He didn’t ever want to have to kill his father. 


when u stand up 2 fast n suddenly ur floatin thru space n time



Black Shadow watched the reptilian organic run off giving it no more than a sneer before he turned his attention back to Jack. Through his voice he could hear the fear he had been hiding and the way he looked around - or rather didn’t - showed just how uncomfortable and fearful he was. At his words the phase-sixer bent down and offered his servo to him, “Let me carry you… and…don’t look.” 

Wings drooping on his back the phase-sixer took a look out at all the destruction he had caused. All this was because of him - he was used to seeing much worse of course - what he wasn’t used to was having a friend like Jack around while he had caused such destruction. Black Shadow almost felt guilty…This all wasn’t something he could control but still…Sometimes he wished he didn’t have to deal with this burden that came with being a phase-sixer. What if one day he lost control and hurt someone he really cared about? He wouldn’t be able to live with himself.

There was one thing he knew he could do about it…one thing he would entrust to Jack. It was something that only a few knew and something he’d never actually told anyone himself but he felt that he could trust Jack with it nonetheless. Jack was his friend and they’d been through a lot and he was often there when he blew up like this. He’d be the logical person to trust with this solution. 

"Jack…" He started quietly, "there’s something I’m going to give to you when we get back to the ship. Something important…" He didn’t dare say anything more than that, "Now let’s get going and…keep your eyes shut."

Listening carefully for the faint whirrs and clicks, Jack located the servo and slid onto it, finding comfort in the warm, living metal. He didn’t need to be told to not look—he was already on that. In fact, he didn’t know if he ever wanted to open his eyes again. Being blind almost sounded like a better option at the moment. 

H didn’t blame Black Shadow for this—he really didn’t. He knew it would happen if he was found. If he was honest with himself, Jack would’ve surprised had the Phase-Sixer not blown up like that. But that didn’t mean he liked the fact that it had happened. It served as a reminder, not that he’d actually forgotten, of who he’d chosen to befriend. Black Shadow had his protocols, and Jack was apparently a sensitive trigger. 

Maybe he should’ve stayed on Earth. 

The teen exhaled sharply, head bowed. His shaking wasn’t going to stop any time soon. He could feel his eyes starting to burn, but he wouldn’t allow himself to shed a tear—not in front of Black Shadow or anyone. Crying in front of others was… humiliating. As if being kidnapped, chained—technically still chained,—and almost auctioned off wasn’t humiliating enough. Waterworks didn’t need to be added to that list. Instead, Jack simply hummed a tune in his head. 

He heard Black Shadow speak to him, but he didn’t say anything back. He didn’t want to open his eyes, he didn’t want to open his mouth, he didn’t want to do anything but huddle up to the digits and sleep. He nodded in response, though his mind was miles away. As if it were some innate action, the teen leaned closer to the large digits surrounding him, not daring to open his eyes. 

Hello new trainer, I am here with your Pokemon egg!

Inside this egg there is the Gas Pokemon Gastly, a mischievous ghost type who loves to play pranks on unsuspecting travelers.  

The egg doesn’t seem anywhere close to hatching, so be sure to keep it nice and warm, and be kind to your Pokemon once it hatches, they need a lot of work and care!


Jack stared at the egg, unsure of where it came from or what was in it. He was sure he hadn’t brought it with him from Earth so… was there something living inside of it?

[whispers] you don’t even have a nose.


Anatomy study of Jack’s alien kidnappers???



Black Shadow glared at the reptilian organic, growling, but quickly switched his gaze to Jack. He had to admit, he was actually pretty impressed with how Jack’s studies of neocybex were coming along. Despite how accented his words were and how rough it was it was impressive for an organic.

"Fine," he replied to Jack in Neocybex, “let’s go home. We’re done here." Black Shadow got up and brushed himself off a bit. He was a little wobbly in the legs but otherwise unharmed. Covered in debris and the blood of many different species he was eager to get back to his ship so he could shower off.

Once he stood at his full height he flared his wings and growled once more at the reptilian organic, “Tell your cohorts if I see any of you anywhere near my ship - and if you try to take Jack again - I’m coming for your planet next. I will personally erase your species from the universe - is that understood? I will make what happened here today look like a minor skirmish.” 

With that done he shot the creature another glare before turning back to the human he had come for in the first place, “Let’s get out of here Jack,” he spoke in plain English, “My ship’s parked outside. I’d like to leave before any sort of authorities come looking for me,” not that they would be able to stop him - in fact he’d probably murder them on the spot too - but he’d like to spare Jack from having to see any more of his destructiveness. He’d done enough for one day. This was…however the second time he’d tripped his protocols in front of Jack and…he didn’t like that. If he wanted to prevent future incidents like this from happening he knew there was something he was going to have to trust Jack with - he had something very important to give him.

With each word of Black Shadow’s threat, the reptilian lowered itself more and more until it was on its knees, still holding its submissive posture. At the end of the threat, it nodded quickly in agreement. The creature briefly nuzzled Jack’s forehead with its own, recognizing that Jack had convinced the Phase-Sixer to spare it, then quickly got up and ran towards the exit with only a backward glance to the teen. 

With the reptilian no longer there to distract his vision, Jack was forced to look at his surroundings, if only for a second or two. It was enough to make him jump and squeeze his eyes shut once more. He didn’t need to see this. 

"Y-yeah, I’d—I’d like to go now," the teen said, more of his fear showing now. It wasn’t necessarily a fear of Black Shadow—he knew the mech didn’t want to hurt him—but more a fear of the situation and his experiences how it would affect him. Once again the shaking started in his muscles, making his gold painting flicker and shimmer in the light. Eyes still shut, he turned around to face the mech, a hand idly itching at the bruises under the cuffs from his chains. The chain had detached from the cuffs—both the one on his neck and the ones on his wrists—but the cuffs themselves remained. 

"I… can’t walk through here. I’m—I’m sorry, Black Shadow," he said quietly, intentionally not looking at the mech.


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